Jaime Yoshiyama asked the Public Prosecutor to question Jorge Barata politically

The former Fujimorist leader Jaime Yoshiyama asked the public prosecutor José Pérez, who investigates the supposed irregular contributions to the presidential campaigns of Keiko Fujimori, to conduct a "cross-examination" of the former Odebrecht boss in Peru, Jorge Barata.

Humberto Abanto, the lawyer of Yoshiyama, revealed Perú21 that the request was submitted last week. He indicated that he had asked for that zeal because he was not present in the February declaration, when Barata reported that he had given US $ 1 million to the former minister and Augusto Bedoya, another former Fujimorean leader, for the Fujimorean campaign in 2011.

"Prosecutor Perez must respond to our request, otherwise we will insist that the judge is in court," he told this newspaper. Both Yoshiyama and Bedoya have rejected the version of Barata.

Abanto said it also requires the interrogation of former officials of the Odebrecht Structured Operations Division, Hilberto Da Silva, Isaias Chaves Santos, María Lucía Guimaraes and Angela Palmeira.

A few days ago, the Brazilian prosecution reported its counterpart in Peru that international cooperation to share information about the Odebrecht case had been restored. In other words, more information will come from the Brazilian territory to clarify payments of bribes to Peruvian officials.

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