Jesús María: A few husbands would have agreed to die with a shot at the main society

The death of a couple spouses This morning a house of Jesús María surprised both the locals and the strangers by the apparent motive of death. And it is that both would have agreed to take the life of one shot.

According to a report America news, the spouses were found in their room on the third floor with a bullet in the head. the weapon was found very close to the woman's hand, so it is assumed that she was the one who shot her partner, Antonio Zunin Vásquez (50), to then take his life in the same way. The occasion was identified as Ana Beatriz Valdivia Arias (60).

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A prosecutor came on the scene of apparent crime and suicideconfirming that it could have been a death that had been adopted by both. "The family does not know, it seems that the two have reached a mutual agreement," he explained. America news.

He also said that, according to the mother's testimony of Zunin Vásquezthe couple did not present a history of fighting and they had a good relationship. It was also taught that the marriage had no children.

Meanwhile the neighbors said that before they listened to the sound of the gunshotsno shouts or overtones from an apparent discussion about Zunin and Valdivia were heard.

Although the hypothesis of suicide and crime agreed by the spouses seems to have power, the case has passed into the hands of the Depincri of Jesus Mary so that the exact causes that led to the crime scene are determined.

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