Jesús María: they steal department and they take a laptop with a graduation project Trade chalk

A young university student suffered the theft of various electrical appliances and two laptops in his apartment. Jesús María. He had saved his on one of the computers project of thesis, according to "90 seconds".

The affected person indicated that the caretaker of the building did not notice that foreigners left the premises with packages. He even explained that the & # 39; robacasas & # 39; had time to use the bathroom.

"We arrived and saw everything messy, they even went to the bathroom because we noticed that the toilet was being used," said the boy who lives on the seventh floor of the multi-family building. Fortunately, the young man has said that he has saved a copy of his work in his e-mail.

What the affected party does not explain is how the culprits have not violated the main entrance of their apartment. The police are investigating the fact.


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