Jne: candidates for Mayor of Lima will debate on 23 and 30 September Trade politics

The National Election Jury (JNE) will organize two debates on the exhibition of proposals and government plans among the candidates for the office of the Mayor of Lima.

The first is on Sunday September 23 and a week later, on Sunday 30, the second meeting takes place. The act is responsible for the national leadership of civic education and civic education (DNEF) of the election body.

According to sources of the JNE to The tradeIn the next few days, it will be decided whether all candidates for the City Council President will participate in both dates or if they do so in two groups, one for each meeting.

On each of the dates, the respective candidates will speak on the same subjects and with the same dynamic.

The electoral council said they will meet with the representatives of the various political organizations in the coming days to define details regarding the modalities of participation, blocks of exhibitions, the venue of the meeting, among others.

In the debate that the JNE organized for the 2014 elections, the 13 candidates participated in Lima. The appointment lasted 150 minutes and was divided into three main blocks: exhibition of priority proposals, a face to face & # 39; with questions among the candidates themselves and a final message.

Consulted by The trade, some candidates gave their impressions about the initiative. Enrique Cornejo (Direct Democracy) said that he expects to know the operation of the debate soon.

"I think the population in these months and days that are missing will become interested in warming up the campaign, and the main interest will be what everyone proposes," he said.

Humberto Lay (National Restoration) considered the distribution as reasonable on two dates, taking into account the number of participants. He indicated that the meeting should be given with length and should focus on proposals before attacks.

"Disposition is there, the population deserves to know the proposals of the various candidates to vote smarter, and what we need to see is whether the conditions of the debate are really able to expose the proposals reasonably well," said Lay .

Roberto Gómez Baca (Vamos Perú) has announced that he will take part, but thinks that the debate should be held sooner.

"I am going to debate, it is an important opportunity for the city to contrast ideas, but it should be in the first half of September that the neighbors concentrate, albeit with some hesitation, on the proposals of the candidates and start To talk, it is a long time to 23, "he said.

In so much, Jaime Salinas (APP) indicated that it will participate; He found it a mistake, however, that the debate was held a few days before the elections.

"The debate is not for the candidates to shine or not It is up to the population not only to inform themselves about the best proposal, but especially who is the best person for whom [van a] Trust the fate of the city for the next four years, "he concluded.

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