Jorge Chávez Airport: LC Peru plane landed emergency [VIDEO] | Trade Lima events

A flight from LC Peru had to leave an emergency situation at the international airport Jorge Chávez as a result of a failure of the landing gear.

Juan Carlos Pavic, General Director of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications said that despite the emergency there were no casualties.

"The pilot followed all procedures and even tried to lower the landing gear manually, but all passengers were evacuated, there were no injuries, 70 passengers", said Pavic

The plane left for Ayacucho; however, he had to return to Lima when he could not land. He was sneaking into the air for a few minutes while the flight routes had been cleared away.

After the country succeeded in landing, aid workers from Lima Airport Partners (LAP) spat water on the vehicle.

Departure and arrival from Lima would be suspended until further notice. Flights arriving in Lima would be sent to other airports.


The fault would have occurred in the landing gear of the aircraft.

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