Jorge Chávez: emergency landing and pending expansion Trade Lima accidents

The flight of flight 1323 of LC Peru had to descend from the emergency in the Jorge Chávez International Airport due to a defect in the landing gear at the front.

The plane, registered N404AV, left the capital yesterday at 15.00. to Ayacucho; however, he had to return to Lima when he could not land. He was sneaking into the air for a few minutes while the runway cleared in the terminal.

Around 16.30 the plane started the descent. In the videos made by the passengers, the minutes of the panic that lived were observed.

Juan Carlos Pavic, General Director of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), told The trade that no injuries were reported during the emergency.

"The pilot followed all the procedures and even tried to lower the landing gear manually, the 59 passengers and 5 crew members were unharmed and evacuated," said Pavic.

During the landing, sparks flew from the aircraft because of the friction with the ground. For this reason emergency staff of Lima Airport Partners (LAP), an airport concessionaire, sprayed water on the plane.

– Related flights-
Because of this incident, air traffic was stopped and the entrance doors to the pick-up point were closed. The suspension of the service caused long queues in the Jorge Chavez and affected the operations in other air terminals in the country. Passengers in Cusco, Tarapoto, Trujillo, Chiclayo and other cities reported delays in their social networks. The arrival and departure of international flights was also affected.


fashion model: According to LC Peru, the aircraft involved in the incident is a Bombardier Dash 8 Q-402.
indication: The company reported that the incident was caused by "an indication of an uninsured nasal train".
To the limit: Jorge Chávez was built to serve 10 million users per year, but currently serves 20.6 million.

The MTC said that some flights that had to land in the Jorge Chávez were derived from Pisco and Chiclayo. Around 8 pm Pavic indicated that the air operations were resumed after the ship had been removed from the runway and the area had been cleaned.

Despite the reopening of the service, some airlines canceled their flights yesterday and planned again today.

Meanwhile, the Ombudsman demanded an in-depth investigation into the incident and asked that the affected people be emotionally cared for. He also urged the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) of the MTC to check the airline and to report on the safety conditions of the air fleet.

LC Peru said in a statement that the aircraft concerned is of the latest generation and has all the safety certificates required by the DGAC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA, for the acronym in English).

-Extension in anticipation
Yesterday's need again showed the shortcomings of the infrastructure in the Jorge Chávez. At least 13 years ago the construction of a second runway and another passenger terminal is expected.

However, this project is still ongoing because the MTC did not supply a 60.178 m2 sanitary room to LAP. According to the Supervisory Organization for Investment in Public Use Transport Infrastructure (Ositrán), this property has been granted in January 2018, but a legal dispute over ownership prevents this.

The MTC has not defined a new date to deliver the land. The expansion of Jorge Chávez requires an investment of about US $ 1,500 million and its construction would take five years after the sanitary land was received and free of interference.

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