Jorge Meléndez: "Some time ago Pedro Chavarry must have resigned" Trade politics

The congressman and deputy spokesman for Peruanos for the Kambio, Jorge Meléndez, found that "a while ago" the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry, He should have done his job because, as he said, his sustainability affects the credibility of the public prosecution and the reform of the legal system.

"The prosecutor had to resign for a while, we, the day of the oath of office (Pedro Chávarry), we had requested the suspension of that event because it was affected by the audio, "Jorge Meléndez recalled in a statement to Canal N.

The parliamentarian referred to the results of the Ipsos survey, published in El Comercio, where of the 67% of people who are aware of the Pedro Chávarry94% are in favor of the office of the nation's public prosecutor.

The same survey shows that the public prosecution has a 76% disapproval and 14% support.

In that sense Jorge Meléndez was of the opinion that the sustainability of Pedro Chávarry at the head of the public prosecutor only generates distrust, which affects the whole legal system.

"The public prosecutor no longer generates confidence in the population […] The integral legal system is in danger if this prosecutorPedro Chávarry) will be there because in all acts the public prosecutor will always be present, "he said.

Jorge Meléndez also questioned the supreme prosecutors who supported Pedro Chávarry in his tenure, as Tomás Gálvez.

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