Juan Sheput: Fuerza Popular commits a "political mistake" regarding César Hinostroza | politics

The congressman Juan Sheput (Peruvians for the Kambio) described as "huge political error" that Popular Force has refused to accuse the suspended supreme court César Hinostroza of the alleged crime of belonging to the criminal organization, despite the syndications linking it to Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto.

"I think it's a huge political mistake Popular Force. In case of César Hinostroza Yes, there are indications for a series of dialogues that we have all heard, really grotesque, showing that there is a connection between the action and the decision taken in different courts, "he said in a conversation with Radio Nacional.

Juan Sheput it was pronounced on the change of vote in the Standing Committee of Congress, where it voted at first in agreement with Popular Force, but soon it countered the accusation César Hinostroza.

"I agree that this is a criminal organization and I said it in the debate, but the way it is presented in the report, when Congressman Pacori, in the debate itself, pointed out that the terminology of the criminal organization was derived from the facts that lay throughout the report, "he argued.

With 8 votes in favor and 18 against, the Permanent Committee of the Congress of the Republic avoided accusing the suspended supreme court César Hinostroza part of a criminal organization. However, he decided to support his resignation and disqualification for ten years.

– Final report on Pedro Chávarry-
Juan Sheput claimed that the investigation that the Prosecution had initiated against his colleagues Carlos Bruce and Mercedes Araoz was a "hasty" reaction to his report stating the resignation of the nation's prosecutor, Pedro Chávarry, and his withdrawal for 10 years recommended. year.

"I have a political opinion on that, I think it was accelerated to a certain extent by the lawsuit against Mercedes Araoz and Carlos Bruce, because he did not just leave around midnight, it was a hurry," said the parliamentarian. pronunciation.

"When the report was announced on Monday, what would this group of people dealing with the prosecutor claim [de la Nación] It was: & # 39; Oh, get the report in response to the complaint we make. & # 39; But when the report comes out for the first time, the answer from the hasty prosecutor comes out. I think that strategy has been dropped, "he said. Juan Sheput.

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