Juan Sheput: Keiko Fujimori reacted late to the referendum Trade politics

The congressman of Peruvians for the Kambio (PpK) Juan Sheput described as "leave" the reaction of Keiko Fujimori, leader of Fuerza Popular, before the proposal of President Martín Vizcarra to propose a referendum on non-re-election, the return to bicameralism and private funding for political parties.

"I was struck by this late reaction, which (Keiko Fujimori) to pronounce on the referendum proposed by the President on 28 July, just on 23 August. A month later This shows great confusion on her part, "he told Canal N Juan Sheput.

The parliamentarian also criticized the former presidential candidate for spreading a message to question President Martin Vizcarra when, in addition to a referendum, the executive has proposed various public policies to address other immediate issues.

"The president has made a series of statements about immediate action policies implemented by ministers across the country […] The problem of reform is separate, "he said.

Juan Sheput He said that members of Fuerza Popular, including the chairman of the Constitution Commission, Rosa Bartra, have been in favor of prioritizing the debate on political and judicial reform projects.

"We are working intensively on the Constitution Commission and we believe that the aspects of the reform can be completed this year, so I find a certain decoupling between what the leader has proposed (Keiko Fujimori) and what his bank does, "he exclaimed.

The former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori He questioned Martín Vizcarra in a message that he posted on Twitter, because he had proposed a political reform that he & # 39; populistically & # 39; called.

"Mr. President, it agrees to understand the bottom of the problems and not to distract from this type of proposal that shows centralist populism, does not turn its back on the country," said the leader of Fuerza Popular.

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