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The congressman Karla Schaefer (Fuerza Popular) criticized the Reconstruction with Changes (RCC) plan that the government of Martín Vizcarra to indicate that "it is a cluster of intentions" and that the decisions have to be made in the same areas that are influenced by the El Niño phenomenon on the coast and not from Lima.

During her speech at the congress, where the president of the Council of Ministers, César Villanueva, explained the progress in rehabilitation work, the parliamentarian said that the El Niño phenomenon is complex and does not permit immediate diagnosis.

"A lot of [obras] they are intentions, some are about to be approved, some are in progress. We must not forget that of all that was transferred in 2017, about 2,200 million soles, only 49 percent had been completed. More than a billion went to the decolonization of rivers, which in addition was questioned, "he said.

Karla Schaefer He pointed out that the biggest problem occurs because decisions are taken from Lima "and the reality is not seen from the same place where it happens".

"Let's do it right, Congress has given them the facilities, those who presented us are intentions, the plan is presented to us, the economic situation has been sincere, that's good, but where is the prioritization?" .

Moreover, he assured that the authorities of the executive power "are not clear about the urgency and priority" in the reconstruction of the areas affected by the El Niño coast.

"Unfortunately, I say to the Prime Minister (César Villanueva) that you do not notice any change in the decentralization of reconstruction, bearing in mind that you and the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, are coming from the country", he added. to it.

The MP added that there is no correlation between what the Executive Director of the Reconstruction Authority with Changes (ARCC), Edgar Quispe, has announced with what the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) called.

Housing for victims
The Prime Minister, César Villanueva, said this morning that those affected by the El Niño phenomenon will have their homes next year, according to the Land Registry.

During his presentation for the conference, he indicated that for this year the budget exceeds 4000 million soles.

"Now, with the funds fully insured, the design adjustments made in the prevention by the Department of Housing, we can guarantee that next year all affected families will have a home according to the established Land Registry," he said.

In this context, he said that they have made money in advance to finance 30,000 houses in the affected areas.
He also noted that, in terms of transfers and adherence to the goals, there has been a 55 per cent progress to date, taking the time to complete 100 per cent until 31 December this year.

At another moment, he once again thanked Congress for approving the special reconstruction procedure, because it may possibly speed up the execution of the works. (Source: Andina)

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