Karla Tarazona receives recognition for the anonymous provision of social assistance in vulnerable areas PHOTO & # 39; S | Photo 1 of 4 | shows

A gesture that deserves admiration. Last Saturday 29 Karla Tarazona received recognition for her anonymous social work in medical centers and vulnerable sectors of non-profit organizations.

The ceremony was in charge of the organization Peru Mission to the World, institution that has awarded different personalities from different public and private positions for their social work in different areas at national level.

Karla Tarazona received the recognition as it was registered on the official website of the organization Facebook. However, the TV receiver has not shared information about social networks, because her social work has always been carried out in anonymity.

"He is presented with the golden medal of Peru Mission to the World, for his love for the children of Peru, and brings peace and joy to medical centers and vulnerable non-profit sectors", it reads in the Facebook on Karla Tarazona

The TV receiver is the mother of three children. The first two fruits of his marriage with Leonard León. The youngest is the son of Christian Domínguez. now Karla Tarazona He is a commentator on a TV show TV.


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