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Keiko Fujimori: "I do not feel like revenge" politics

The leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori , indicated this morning that he does not count on "every spirit of vengeance" after the "abuses" that he claims to have been a victim.

Fujimori Higuchi was detained for the time being and stayed in the prefecture of Lima for a week after the request of the public prosecutor was accepted José Domingo Pérez , who investigates the case of Cocktails.

"The last week was the most difficult week of my life for me, I was randomly held, which I consider ambushed, and they deprived me of my freedom and I got a series of humiliations, the last one was when I was placed at the professional hearing. prisoner vest, "he said in dialogue with RPP.

With regard to the high degree of disapproval towards him who showed the surveys in recent months, Keiko Fujimori emphasized that "a very strong media campaign" has been conducted against him and against the party.

"I acknowledge the mistake that I have not always clarified about the reports against Fuerza Popular, but I have the calm and clear conscience that we acted transparently and in good faith," added the former candidate for the presidency of Peru. .

Keiko Fujimori



Next, IDL Reporters will show a series of images relating to a Telegram group consisting of the Fuerza Popular Bank, called La Botica & # 39 ;, where actions would be coordinated to discredit the money laundering José Domingo Pérez , Keiko Fujimori has not excluded the possibility of a real conversation.

"(about the veracity of the screenshots) I think it's true, what's really happening is sharing information about the series of irregularities that took place against my other 20 people," the leader of the Popular Force explained.

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