Know the ranking of districts with the best quality for internet and mobile telephony

San Bartolo, Chaclacayo and Punta Negra are the three districts that show better performance in the quality of the services of telephony and mobile internet, according to the 2018 District Mobile Quality Ranking developed by Osiptel.

Better performances

The regulator the quality of both services measured in 49 jurisdictions of Metropolitan Lima. "It should be noted that the mentioned jurisdictions have low population density and lower demand (less congested) seasonal," he explained.

On the other hand, districts of Barranco, La Molina and Santiago de Surco, whose population is constant all year round, record the best performances in quality compared to the other districts of the capital.

While districts like it Villa El Salvador, Ancon, San Juan de Miraflores, Carabayllo, Santa Rosa and Pachacámac show a lower performance of quality in the study carried out between the months of May and June of this year.

Speed ​​on the internet

In the study, the Osiptel analyzed various variables such as 3G signal coverage, voice quality and average download speed in 3G and 4G networks, measurements taken during a trip through the streets of the districts with the latest equipment. Information that is expressed in a comparative index that also includes the non-established call attempts (TINE) and the interrupted call rate (TLLI), which are periodically reported by the operating companies.

According to these results, the company América Móvil (clearly) is the mobile operator that registers higher quality index in Metropolitan Lima (from 68.3%); Telephone from Peru (Movistar) of 64.5%, while Entel Peru 61.9% and the Viettel company (Bitel) 61.8%.

On the other hand Entel records an average download speed of the file in technology 3G, given its traffic per district, of 3.68 Mbps, followed by the company clearly with 3.12 Mbps., Movistar with 3.03 Mbps, and Bitel with 2.58 Mbps.

In terms of technology 4G, the result shows that Movistar has an average download speed of 7.08 Mbps, the company clearly 6.42 Mbps while the operator Entel 5.68 Mbps, and Bitel 5.03 Mbps.

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