La Libertad: University dies during quad biking on the beach of Malabrigo society

A young university student identified as Rosario Quezada Haro (20) lost her life after she fell when she was driving a four-wheel drive with her beloved on the beach of Malabrigo, in the district of Razuri, in the province of Ascope (La Libertad region).

According to information from the police, the victim arrived at the spa to walk with her loved one as identified Cristian Santos (20), benefit from the long vacation, without preparing the accident that would cause his death.

By taking the average of 1:30 p.m. last Thursday the couple traveled with his quad through the beach Malabrigo, then in an instant the young student relieved his beloved in control of the vehicle.

After a untimely maneuver, the motor vehicle became confused and the two passengers hit. Both were injured in the sand product the heavy blows caused by the accident, being the young woman who was unconscious after falling from the ATV.

Moments later, both were taken to Paiján health center, but due to the severity of the injuries they were transferred to Trujillo Regional Education Hospital, where he died. Rosario Quezada by the severity of his injuries.

According to the necropsy certificate, the student of the fourth cycle of nursing at the National University of Trujillo (UNT) received a heavy blow to the head, resulting in severe brain injury (TEC).

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