La Victoria: Former mayor Elías Cuba swears that his management was fair and dignified

18 August 2018 4:30 pm.

He defends himself for his critics. After being arrested by the National Police together with a group of people who formed a criminal gang, after confirming their complicity in collecting quotas from entrepreneurs, not having completed some of the works that he promised when he Signed in at the Mayor's Office in Victoria and ultimately give authority to the street vendors to make them into the commercial empire of Gamarra in exchange for the collection of daily money. Elías Cuba defended himself in the judiciary.

The former mayor of La Victoria was present during the hearing of the preventive detention which this Saturday took place to the members of the criminal gang Los Intocables Ediles & # 39 ;. The suspended mayor assured with all insolence that his leadership was fair.

Elias Cuba took the floor to defend himself and stated: "During my tenure, I tried to work with honesty, dignity and length".

"In my house absolutely nothing has been found, in the office of my mayor, nothing, in my position as mayor, I can not pay attention to everything, the mayor establishes trust positions and takes charge of the subordinates", added he added, surprising the authorities in the judiciary.

The former mayor also confessed that everything he owed was due to the fruit of his work, even before he took the mayor's office La Victoria bought his expensive house . "I have worked since the age of 11 and that is my fortune, I bought my house in 2006 before I became mayor, I have no enrichment, I am a formal person."

On the other hand, Elías Cuba wanted the people present to be gracious by confessing that he is suffering from cancer, a disease that would affect him. "I should be in treatment, but I have not been able to attend, I am hypertensive and I have medication that accompanies me today."

Finally, in order to put more emphasis on his statements, the ex-official said that his granddaughter would undergo psychological treatment because he had witnessed her imprisonment by the [PNP] .

"During the intervention my whole family is astonished, my wife and my granddaughter that I take care of her, she is in psychological treatment for the trauma she received that awful night," he revealed.

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