Lambayeque: Sugar workers blocked away Chiclayo-Chota | society

With part of his struggle to demand the restoration of social peace in the sugar company Tumana group of workers and civilians blocked for a few hours the road between Chiclayo and Chota, to draw attention to the president of the republic, Martin Vizacarra, who arrived in the Lambayeque region to carry out some activities.

"President Vizcarra helps us, save us from unhappiness"Were the words that dozens of us called to learn that the president could be an alternative to solving their many problems, including the lack of payment and the complete abandonment of the business that stopped producing sugar.

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Very early on they blocked the way on the sixteenth day of protests against the installation of the board managed by the Oviedo Group and they expect the authorities to return the administration of their company to try and prepare it.

"We are the ones who pay the consequences because we are the ones who receive no salary and we are dying of hunger. Our children go to school on an empty stomach and sometimes we can not even buy the supplies they need, "said some of the rioters.

They are of the opinion that the presidential intervention is an option to arrive at a definitive solution to the problem, so they have urged him to meet the workers so that he can listen to them and tell them about his tragedy. "We want you to know the truth firsthand, not the interested parties, because they point it their own way, and we hope you want to see us," they said.

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