Lava Jato Commission will investigate banking secrecy and lift it to 26 newspaper companies

The fujimorista majority of the Lava Jato committee decided to consider investigated investigations and to lift tax secrecy at 26 journalistic companies, assuming they were acting in favor of Odebrecht, so that it got public work in the governments of Alejandro Toledo, Alan García, Ollanta Humala and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, between 2001 and 2017.

The agreement resolved by a majority in a reserved session whose scope of application was not known in detail, is based on the Brazilian Odebrecht mounted a scheme of corruption to win millionaire state awards, in which the press the image of the construction company with the support of the officials in collusion.

However, in the document entitled "Justification" – on which the legislator has based itself to approve the measure – there is no written evidence or testimony showing that journalistic companies, as well as public relations and business communication and consultancy firms of the market have funds received from Odebrecht to finance media campaigns designed to put the state under pressure and assign projects to the Brazilian.

According to the documents to which you have had access The Republic, in the list of companies under the condition of investigation, and to which bank secrecy will be lifted, are the The Republic Group, Frecuencia Latina Representaciones (Channel 2), Panamerican Media (Channel 5), Media Networks Latin America (Plus TV) and Corporación Universal (Successful), among others. Also companies from media agencies such as ABH Consulting (Alfonso Baella Herrera), ADN Consultores and Own Seal (Raúl Vargas and others).

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Consulted by this newspaper, the chairman of the committee, the fujimorista Rosa Bartra, confirmed that the working group decided to investigate different media, not remembering what they were and avoided offering further details.

"The Odebrecht group and its consortia used a complex and irregular mechanism to obtain contracts with the state, which required the creation of a public expectation, supported and generated through the media, often coordinated with government officials, creating a regulatory framework that favorable to their interests, the change of recruitment processes to the award of the work, the endorsement of harmful addenda to the State and the payment of bribes and bribes to the officials who had decision-making powers with regard to the justification of the projects or public works " according to the Lava Jato commission documents.

"The committee found that the Odebrecht group, its consortia and other related subjects concluded contracts between 2001 and 2017 with the services of various companies engaged in radio and television activities, radio broadcasting, programming and television broadcasting. , advisory activities company, advertising, polling, activities of professional organizations and other telecommunication activities, professional, scientific, technical and businesslike ", the committee concludes.

The initiative of the congressmen did not arise because a certain type of evidence was found during the investigation. It is a random search without a base or antecedent.

"The legal entities will continue under the condition of investigation to determine whether the contracts they have signed with the subjects examined by the committee had a legal purpose or were part of an irregular procedure", it was argued.

The Lava Jato commission does not even say that during the investigation they found cases of alleged unlawful payments by Odebrecht to the media in exchange for improving the image. And if it were illegal payments, how could the Sunat have registered them?


  • According to some non-Fujimori congressmen, the first planning of the Lava Jato committee included discussing two reports per week. The Benchmark Popular Force tries to approve the eleven problems in one file.
  • When Rosa Bartra was asked last weekend to approve the final report, she said she would try it Monday.

He preferred not to go into details

  • Asked about the investigation into the media recommended by the final report of the Lava Jato Commission, Congressman Rosa Bartra avoided details, but did not deny this, noting that all actors who participated in activities were investigated. with Brazilian companies.
  • "We have recommended people (with research) who have elements of conviction and there is sufficient evidence to support a recommendation of denunciations," he said.
  • When the journalists asked her to provide details about these accusations, the Fujimorista said she could not respond accurately, but stressed that all actors who participated in the projects with Odebrecht were investigated: "I can not give more details, because of the reservation that the regulation requires, "he said.

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