Long holiday: how do you prevent a vehicle accident during your trip? | Peru

For the long holiday that will take place in the framework of the Day of Santa Rosa de Lima from 30 August to 2 September, 76% of the 900 thousand Peruvians traveling on these dates at their own expense, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

One of the most attractive options for Peruvian families is to travel in their own vehicle. That is why it is important to know how you can prevent car accidents and ensure a pleasant experience.

In this sense, SeguroSimple.com, the first digital insurance broker in Peru, offers 4 tips to reduce the risk of a possible car accident in the weekend:

1. LOOK AT THE SAFEST ROUTE: Before a journey begins, the driver must decide which destination is to be visited. The next step is to analyze your experience in driving a vehicle, because it allows you to choose the safest route for him and his companions.

When choosing the route, do not just take into account the shortest or the worst traffic congestion. The geographical factor is more important because it is a factor that influences more in an accident with vehicles.

2. VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: After knowing the destination and the route, SeguroSimple.com recommends to visit a workshop and explain to the mechanic how the journey will be so that he knows which parts he will repair.

In this way, the technician can focus on tuning, check whether the oil and brake fluid levels are correct, or whether the air pressure in the tires is ideal. Everything depends on the destination you visit.

3. AVOID OVERLOADIf the vehicle carries more objects than it can, the risk of a car accident increases because the driver can not maneuver as well.

If a lot of things are being transported in the car, the driver must be more vigilant while driving. If you are distracted, you have fewer possibilities to maneuver the vehicle and therefore it is very likely that you will have an accident.

4. HIRING A VEHICLE INSURANCEFor adventurers who usually travel with their cars, it is better to take out car insurance for all risks, including vehicle damage and damage to third parties (vehicles, people or property). Likewise, it also covers possible accidents of the occupants and provides services for crane and mechanical assistance.

In this way, if you are in an easily accessible place, a crane will help. If you are interested in renting this car insurance or other cheaper car that suits you, you can visit segurosimple.com.

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