Luis Castañeda Pardo caused controversy about his statements about Surco politics

The candidates for mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Pardo (National solidarity) and Roberto Gómez Baca (Vamos Perú) had a tense word swap, in which the first questioned the municipal council that is taking place in Surco.

The aspirants of the municipal armchair in RPP debated the insecurity of citizens and public transport in the capital, when Gomez Baca He added in his favor the experience he received as mayor Santiago de Surco.

"I believe that we should focus on the theme of the experience, I listen to the proposals of Lucho Castañeda Jr. and I think they are interesting, but they are superficial to what the city really is waiting for, and the theme is safety and transport, public, "he said.

Castañeda Pardo Minimized the management of Gomez Baca in that district and slipped the qualifier that caused the indignation of his contender. "The man thinks he, because he has treated a small puddle, thinks he has experience to rule", declared the candidate for National Solidarity.

Roberto Gómez Bacain response, he accused him of demanding respect for the district and Castañeda Pardo he had to retire. He, however, continued to minimize the experience of his opponent.

The rectification of the National Solidarity candidate even reached social networks, where he was also criticized for his statements.

Dialogue between Luis Castañeda Pardo and Roberto Gómez Baca:

Castañeda Pardo: The Lord believes that because he has managed a small lake, he has experience to rule.

Gómez Baca: I respect your respect for Santiago de Surco. Santiago de Surco is not a lake. You live there, your father lives there.

CP: No, I want that district …

GB: Santiago de Surco is not a lake, Lucho.

CP: Ok, I'll take back what I've stated.

GBOkay, let's leave it there better.

CP: The Lord believes that because he has ruled a district that is very small with regard to what Lima is, that is to say that Lima Norte is immense …

GB: You speak as if you have ruled. Then take the assets and liabilities of your father's management

CP: But do not weaken yourself.

GB: But I have to be sultry because you call my neighbors and my plas district, and that's not a reasonable thing.

CP: I do not mean the issue of the neighbors of Surco, I mean it is a small administration as a management institution, as an institution. I come from the experience of the private sector of many larger companies with a turnover of 1,500 million which is close to the budget, exactly that of the municipality, which amounts to 1,300 to 1,500 million. I am therefore linked to large-scale operations, I have been part of companies such as the Telefónica Group …

GB: And could you make that a successor?

CP: I also have municipal experience. In your case, the administration of a district is very small.


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