Luis Castañeda Pardo on polls: "I do not need to have an antivoto" Trade politics

Luis Castañeda Pardo, candidate for the mayor of Lima for National Solidarity, said the 41% antivoto is due to the "smear campaign" and attacks against the management of his father, the current mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio.

Castañeda Pardo gathers 7% of the preferences for the next elections in October, according to the latest survey by El Comercio-Ipsos. This places him in fifth place. However, the National Solidarity candidate registers the highest antivote: 41%.

"I do not have to have an antivoto, I have not been a manager, I come with new people, well prepared," he said in an interview with La República, where he said that if he would change the management of his father, the financial management from the parks.

He insisted that the five mayors who were arrested for corruption and who were elected by Solidaridad Nacional in the 2014 elections were no longer part of his party. Moreover, he assured Elías Cuba was expelled, despite the fact that he presented his resignation letter.

On the other hand Luis Castañeda Pardo He stressed that he would not accept unfulfilled promises for the management of his father, such as the monorail, and that he would reclaim the general sales tax (IGV) from the toll.

In the field of civil security, he has increased the use of camera's with facial recognition to detect offenders.

"It will enable us to catch them and have an economically viable model, we want to implement silent alerts through the cash register in stores and make agreements with them." Pressing the yellow button twice will send an alert, "he said.

Luis Castañeda Pardo He assured that he would finance his electoral campaign in Lima through the contributions of his team of aldermen and militants who contribute to National Solidarity every month.

"We are raising money, my campaign is a long one, I move every day in two districts or three, I travel intensely through the city", he concluded.

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