Lynx: the man died after being persuaded when crossing the Expressway [VIDEO] | society

The tracks remain a big danger. This morning a man died after his existence ran over with a car between the bridges Javier Prado and Canada, in the Via Express, in the Lince district.

As reported by América Noticias, the victim would be one needy who would have tried to recklessly go over this important issue.

The man was rolled for the vehicle registration number D7L-319, controlled by Julio Sandoval Zapata (52), who was transferred to the Lince police station.

The victim immediately died in the middle of the Expressway. Then the authorities came to the scene of the accident to investigate how it happened acts.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor ordered the removal of the body from the man, as well as the subsequent transfer to the mortuary in Lima.

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