Lynx: violent shock left a dead and a badly injured

On the morning of this Tuesday there is a violent accident left as a balance with a deceased person and at least with one seriously injured person, in Lince.

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The event took place at the junction of Arenales with Cuba, in the Lince district. A car and a collision had a heavy impact, according to witnesses because of the carelessness of the public transport unit.

The above also mentions that this vehicle passed the red light and in his attack a lady who sobered in a sold out a placed next to the place.

The woman, identified as Santosa Tantaches Chucnas, is seriously ill and was taken to a nearby emergency hospital. The same fate did not go from her husband, Francisco Guillermo Tambillo Maypalla, who was caught under the roof and did not survive.

In addition, there were some other injuries that were immediately taken care of by the firefighters.

the National police has initiated the investigation. The driver claims that the brakes of the vehicle were empty and that he could not avoid the red light.

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