Management of Walter Rios evades the law to remodel offices of the Court politics

The audios of shame showed that the administrative processes and the placement of staff in the Superior Court of Justice of Callao were carried out in the whims of the corrupt turn. The investigation committee of the management of Walter Ríos has concluded that the former boss of the Court found a way to break the state contract law to have full control over the budget.

The Commission report for the evaluation of the administrative organization of the court of Callao , which was created last July and chaired by Supreme Judge Héctor Lama, states that the management of Rivers has not met the & # 39; contractual requirements of the state & # 39 ;.

According to the document to which he had access Perú21, one of the works in question is the maintenance and refurbishment of the Callao headquarters – located on Colonial Avenue – ordered by Walter Rios, where S / 900 thousand were issued without any bid.

The Public Procurement Regulatory Board (OSCE) notes that work decisions of more than S / 33,200, equivalent to eight tax units (OUT), must be supervised. But at the Corte del Callao they succeeded in supervising.

In order to remodel the offices of the Court, S / 900 thousand had to be spent, but the care of Walter Ríos and his officials was to prevent the OSCE from keeping an eye on them. Then they used their ingenuity for mathematics.

In order to pay for the renovation without supervision, the delivery of money to the companies that carried out the work was divided into exact amounts S / 33,200. You could not even get a sun.

The research committee retains the names of the companies that lent themselves to the obscure and very well-calculated plan of the Court, but it did reveal the way of working.

"The review of the contracting of goods and services by the Superior Court of Justice of Callao shows that the state's procurement rules had not been complied with because there were multiple orders for the same or comparable service, which would mean that It would have the recruitment split up not to issue a call for tenders or a public tender ", according to the Lama commission document.

Court bailiffs hired the same provider several times for amounts less than or equal to eight ITUs.

Four companies were hired five times. Each contracting meant an invoice for S / 33,200, resulting in a total of S / 166,000. In total, these providers invoiced services for S / 664,000.

Another company was hired for S / 99,600, but obviously billed in three parts of up to eight ITUs. Walter Ríos and his civil servants thus succeeded in circumventing the OSCE's supervision.

"It indicates an incorrect treatment of public funds granted to the Supreme Court of Callao." , the report indicates.

In a dialogue with this newspaper, Héctor Lama explained that only partial removals were made to the eight OFFs to prevent bidding.

"The Comptrollers Office will need to verify the subdivision of the service into small parts to prevent bids from being the target to circumvent the law," he said.

Other irregularities detected by the investigation committee verify whether the Ríos period management notebooks have shortcomings in the filling of information.

The names of the visitors are not there, let alone the reasons for the visit – in addition to the dates of the dates and times – at the office of the then president of the Superior Court of Justice of Callao.

Regarding the small amounts, the report states that local mobility receipts have been found that do not support the expenses incurred or amounts that do not meet the fixed rate.

As far as the agreements are concerned, the working group concludes that there are no directives or guidelines in the Callao Court that determine the procedure to be followed and observed for the projection and celebration of institutional cooperation agreements.

"It has been proven that the Superior Court concluded interinstitutional cooperation agreements with Telesup University, owned by former congressman José Luna," the document said.

A copy of the report of the investigation committee was sent to the office of the inspector of the republic to deepen the investigation.

At the dawn of the day, the Judicial Branch granted 36 months of preventive detention for 13 members of Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto.

Judge Manuel Chuyo accepted the request from the public prosecutor. The investigator will continue the trial in prison to prevent the danger of flights and the obstruction of the investigations.

According to the judge there is evidence that would indicate that Walter Ríos is the leader.

Walter Ríos is charged by the Public Prosecutor for crimes affecting peddling and bribery.

The preventive prison was also dictated by the businessmen Antonio Camayo and Mario Mendoza. And for the former official of the ONPE Luis Cavassa.

The prosecutor claims that Los Cuellos Blancos has perverted the legal system.

The responsible for the Transparency portal of the Court of Callao was Carlos Parra, today also with preventive prison.

Parra also worked as an Administration Manager and was a trusted officer of Walter Ríos.

Transparencia de la Corte has not published any data since January 2018. The portal is empty and citizens can not know what the money was spent on.

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