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It was an arrow. A hard and pauper, as if trying to stop someone who is in an advanced stage. Keiko Fujimori revealed on Sunday evening that so far in the term of president Martín Vizcarra He met him twice.


The revelation was given during an interview on Channel N, when the reforms proposed by the Executive were discussed.

– That they met in the home of a friend of the president in San Isidro, is that right?

Yes it's true. We had two meetings.

– They were secret?

-I would have liked them to be public, because they had nothing to worry about … I understood that he preferred to maintain a certain privacy.

The leader gave some details of the meetings, as they were in San Isidro and Miraflores. He did not specify who took the first step for appointments, although what was said was enough to go after the chief executive's explanation.


Vizcarra quickly came out to testify, he knew he had to answer quickly. In the early hours of this Monday (only twelve hours after what Fujimori said) and when legislators from the ruling party placed their messages against the orange leader for such a revelation, the president was interviewed in América Noticias.

"These two meetings were held in a reservation framework. meeting with Mrs. Keiko Fujimori. I had asked for a reservation framework, "he said to return the shot.

With these statements Vizcarra tried to justify why he concealed the fact that he had spoken with the leader of Fujimorismo, a group that has been characterized for a reserved attitude towards the Executive. But when he realized that this was not enough, he said: "It was a mistake to hide it."

And of course it was a mistake, but also a lie. Earlier this month, before a foreign media, the president was clear that he had not met Fujimori.

Continuing the return of blows, Vizcarra released another: he assured that Keiko Fujimori wanted a third meeting with him; however, he did not accept this. The reason? "We certainly had positions otherwise in the approach of how to work in Peru ".

Third twist

Neither an hour of the interview with Vizcarra and Keiko Fujimori He was already preparing the artillery. In communicating with RPP, Fujimori's leader said the president is lying by saying that they were trying to find a third meeting.

He also did not accept that he suggested the departure of the Minister of Health, Silvia Pessahas the president had claimed in the morning.

It seems that with these statements a new phase of confrontation has opened Vizcarra and Fujimori, the executive and the congress. Hopefully this does not happen.

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