Martín Vizcarra: Chairman to give an interview after a meeting with Keiko Fujimori | politics

The President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra , will today offer an interview to the news center & # 39; First Edition & # 39 ;, after the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujirmori, revealed that she has met the president twice.

As mentioned, Fujimori said in conversation with Canal N that there was a first meeting in San Isidro and this was to convey the good will of his political party.

"And as we said, we have done it publicly, we have shown it through the confidence vote of the Villanueva cabinet," he said.

The second meeting that took place in Miraflores. "That opportunity, I have conveyed the spirit of cooperation and helped your government to be successful and culminated in 2021 with the votes that said we were going to elections," he told Canal N.

After these statements, Prime Minister César Villanueva said that they took place within the framework of dialogue and consultation that the current government implemented with all political lines.

"I have always pointed out the need for political leaders to meet and talk to each other," the prime minister said, adding that the meetings between Vizcarra and Fujimori were "conversations that could be held around the central political lines, but is not a dark element or something under the table that can not be revealed and, as Mrs Fujimori says, it seems right, "he told Panorama.

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