Martín Vizcarra: Keiko Fujimori & # 39; s phrases that remind us of the government of his father politics

The leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, despite her disapproval of 81% in the polls, there was a time to take a message to refer to the legislative initiatives proposed by the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, of which four they will be subjected to a referendum.

Of these four proposals by President Vizcarra on reform of the judicial system and political system, Keiko Fujimori strongly criticized the initiatives to change the constitution and to install the bicameral system in Congress, to prohibit private funding for political parties and to prevent parliamentary re-election. On these measures raised by the President, the daughter of the ex-dictator called them "populist" proposals.

YOU CAN SEE Keiko Fujimori criticizes the referendum and attacks Martín Vizcarra [VIDEO]

"A centralist populism", Keiko Fujimori held precisely, not remembering – perhaps – that her father won the 1990 elections on the basis of populist strategies. One of the best known was the announced fight against terrorism, which, despite the lack of a predetermined plan, promised the Peruvian electorate to end the subversion. Another popular initiative propagated by the former dictator were the announced measures to put an end to hyperinflation without using the "economic shock". Nevertheless, it was one of the first actions taken when the Palace of Government was stationed.

"Do not turn back the country again", said the leader of Fuerza Popular. He did, however, forget to mention that his father, Alberto Fujimori, was the one who had turned his back on the country, which had traveled to Asia, supposedly before the APEC summit, and finally swore the presidency of Peru by fax.

"Mr Vizcarra, I call on you not to see the congressmen as your enemies"added the daughter of the former dictator. But again, he dropped another action from his father's regime. the April 5, 1992, Alberto Fujimori declared himself the real enemy of Congress and of democracy, unconditionally to close Parliament with a coup of state, with the aim of establishing a new legislative power that was not a stone in the shoe for his interests.

"The enemies that your government has to fight are corruption", added Keiko Fujimori. In the years that Alberto Fujimori was president of Peru, he stole 6 billion dollars that had disappeared from the treasury, according to the State Legal Defense Council.

As one of the last sentences put forward in the message of the oldest of the Fujimori brothers, she called on President Vizcarra "Remember that it is your thing to make changes". But on the other hand, Congress, with a Fujimorean majority, has taken the lead over getting in the way of obstacles to the current government that began with Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. These obstructionist measures were based on interpellations and censorship of ministers, submitted proxies, interference in investigations, among others.

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