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The president of the republic, Martín Vizcarra, has arrived in Sullana to complete the sanitation work "Expansion and improvement of water and sanitation services in the Western sector", a project carried out by the Municipality of Sullana with an investment of 55 million soles and is currently being received by the entity for the subsequent transfer to EPS Grau for use and maintenance.

According to the mayor Carlos Távara the infrastructure comprises the installation of drinking water and sewage networks, about 5 thousand household connections, pump rooms and a wastewater treatment plant consisting of 9 oxidation basins for the treatment of waste water generated in the houses of this area.

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Meanwhile Vizcarra Cornejo said that he will give priority to two important works that will be built in the coming months, such as the wastewater treatment plant and the drinking water purification plant, which aims to supply water to the entire population and to solve the serious pollution problem that the Chira River , the main tributary of the Valley of Chira.

"Sullana has a special feature, because in the treatment of wastewater we meet not only the needs of Sullana, but also the entire river basin downstream," he said. "We know that the waters of the Chira River are occupied by Talara and Paita, so the wastewater treatment plant is of fundamental importance, because we will not only treat the Sullana sewer system, but we will also disinfect the river, not downstream all villages; we will give it the highest priority, "he said.

"These already work have a budget and only the technical file from the PTAR and the PTAP who are in charge of the municipality are awaited, "said Vizcarra.

The local press was prevented from starting the activity that was of a public nature, to be the head of the Regional government who did not allow access to the pressmen and women of Sullana.

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