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the Minister of Economy and Finances, Carlos Oliva, said today that the State saved almost S / 1,310 million with the austerity measures that the government through the Emergency decision 005 on May 4th

"The information we have so far is that only the ministries have reduced the budget of S / 969.1 million and that reductions of S / 310 million have been achieved in the public institutions," he said.

During his presentation in the Budget Committee of the Congress of the Republic, Carlos Oliva said that with the new law 02855/2017-PE, which provides for austerity measures for public spending, 10 government agencies are added that have remained outside the decree of Emergency 005.

The idea, he explained, is that each entity autonomously determines where they apply these austerity measures based on what they see. In this sense: "It is difficult to predict whether the savings will be S / 50 million or S / 150 because it depends on what each entity decides, since the executive has no form of interference, every entity decides where these austerity measures are applied. must become (. ..) ". What the law opens is that each of these entities can make adjustments in their respective specifications.

According to the relevant law, the austerity measures must be applied in the Congress of the Republic, the General Inspector of the Republic, the Public Prosecution Service, the Judicial Power and the National Council of Magistracy (CNM).

The Ombudsman's Office, the Constitutional Court, the National Office for Electoral Processing (ONPE), the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) and the National Electoral Declaration (JNE) must also apply.

"A few months ago the Urgent Decree 005 was introduced, dictating a series of austerity measures, mainly by the national government, but some autonomous agencies were excluded," he said.

"The idea of ​​this project is to include these entities so that they can determine, within their own autonomy, which austerity measures they would apply," said the minister.

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