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According to the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) Carlos Oliva, the continuity of irrigation projects Majes Siguas II and Chavimochic II – actually paralyzed – depending on the regional governments.

"The Majes Siguas II and Chavimochic II are projects that correspond to the regional authorities, both Arequipa and La Libertad," he said.

Although the funds for the construction of the projects were approved by the MEF, the Minister emphasized that the final decision is the regional governments.

"The final decision is from the regional authorities, and we know the importance of both projects, but each project has its own dynamics," explains Oliva.

In this connection, he said that the work of the MEF is in the light of the individual problems of both projects to provide "technical assistance and the necessary support so that these projects can finally be implemented".

"I can not specify an exact datebecause these projects depend on them (regional authorities), "he added.


On the one hand, the construction of the third phase of the project Chavimochic, located in the north of the country, has been paralyzed since the end of 2016, after the Lava Jato case was unveiled. It has Odebrecht and Graña and Montero as dealers.

On Friday, August 17, a meeting was convened with the MEF to discuss the continuity of the project as public works – as the entity had already proposed at the beginning of the month – or under the same schedule of the concession.

In this respect, Oliva pointed out that Odebrecht He proposed to continue with the initiative and avoid an arbitration process. He also said that the MEF evaluates the continuity

Meanwhile, the project Majes Siguas II, in Arequipa, has been paralyzed since December 2017. After Cosapi – part of the Angostura-Siguas consortium – had withdrawn from the project, due to its involvement in the so-called "Construction Club", the early release of the project was expected.

The governor of Arequipa, Yamila Osorio, said she was confident that the irrigation project would receive green light this week.

the Regional government of Arequipa will submit a counterproposal to the Majes Siguas II irrigation project by the end of this month, in contrast to the proposal of the Angostura-Siguas consortium to sign a 13th addendum that would increase the investment of USD 110 million of the established value, namely US $ 550.4 million.

The minister said that technical agreements are made every day to review the opening up of both projects; He reiterated, however, that they are not dependent on his portfolio.

President Martín Vizcarra said that a few weeks ago the state is responsible for more funding for the development of Majes Siguas II "if there was a need".

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