Mercedes Araoz: Martín Vizcarra "made a mistake with Keiko Fujimori" Trade politics

The vice president Mercedes Araoz He claimed that the head of state, Martín Vizcarra, "he made a mistake" meeting with Keiko Fujimori two times after having been sworn in, as revealed by the leader of the Volksmacht himself in an interview.

"I warned the president that he would come to this interview, and I tell him his mistakes, and at the moment I told him he had made a mistake with Keiko and he told me he was wrong not to tell us, "he said in the" Punto Final "program.

In that sense he thought about that Fujimori Higuchi reveals this fact because "it loses popularity and feels uncomfortable with the proposals" from the Executive.

"She loses popularity and feels uncomfortable with the proposals made by the president and has no proposal in return, given the inconvenience of revealing this information, which shows she is a lady who uses things for personal gain" he explained .

As you remember, Keiko Fujimori, revealed that he had talked twice with the president Martín Vizcarra after his oath. He said in the sense that he would have liked that those meetings were public & # 39 ;.

"Yes, it is true, we had two meetings, I would have liked them to be public, I understood that he preferred to keep some privacy," he stated in "Política Agenda."

In this respect Araoz said that the request to "reserve" both meetings was the leader of Popular Force. He indicated that the president "has somewhat followed the tone of that reservation".

"I would say that there was a reservation request because of the board, I also imagine that the president wanted to keep it that way," he said.

The Peruvian Congressman for the Kambio (Ppk) thought that Fujimori Higuchi It is critical of the government because it wants to slow down the debate on the reform proposals because "they do not suit you".

"It does not suit him because there are important changes, transparency of the political parties, that the funding is clear, that there are, for example, universal, internal, open, clear and transparent elections," he said.

He said that in his opinion Popular Force I would like to protect the public prosecutor from the nation, Pedro Chávarryand the suspended highest judge César Hinostroza of the processes of constitutional accusation against him.

In this sense, contrast the attitude that the parliamentary majority had when he wanted to follow the same process to the former head of the Public Prosecution Service Pablo Sánchez.

Finally, when asked about Maximiliano Aguiar, communications adviser to the president, Araoz He revealed that he is in Buenos Aires and that he does not participate in the definition of the policy that the head of state undertakes.

"This is a very funny subject, because a communication advisor basically does what he does to translate the messages, so that the people know them, but he does not define the policy, the definitions of policy come from the president and his team, he does not has nothing to do, "he said.

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