Minister of Justice will try to promote the reform of the penitentiary system politically

The Minister of Justice, Vicente Zeballos, announced that his government will implement a reform of the penitentiary system during his visit to the penitentiaries of Cañete and Chincha.

"We visit the prisons and we do not stay at the counter, we have to see the situation and have a direct dialogue with the prisoners, there is a country and a family waiting for them", he told a group of prisoners in Cañete.

Vicente Zeballos met representatives of the prisoners who said they needed more support to install productive workshops and allow private companies to invest in their work.

Then the Minister of Justice went to the prison in Chincha, where he supervised the operation of a modern system of surveillance cameras that helps prison guards maintain order and peace.

"Productive prisons are a task of authentic rehabilitation, and every prisoner has a hidden virtue," he told the prisoners. Finally, he supervised the progress of the expansion work of the pavilion.

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