Ministry of Production: innovation centers for leather and shoes open in Lima and Arequipa economia

The Technological Institute for Production (ITP) of the Ministry of Production will inaugurate in the coming months Innovation centers (CITE) in leather and footwear chalk and Arequipa, who will demand an investment of 26 million soles, announced the head of Produce, Raúl Pérez-Reyes.

In this respect, he indicated that his portfolio has worked to strengthen its centers for productive innovation and technology transfer (CITE), so this year the aim is to invest more than 38 million soles in improvements and implementation of these spaces that promote productive development and innovation.

"Both works require an investment of more than S / 26 million and are focused on developing capabilities and improving the quality of the design and use of non-polluting materials from companies in the sector," noted the head of produce.

He added that this year also planned the inauguration of one Biotechnological laboratory in Callao, through which biotechnological research and development services will be delivered from the sources of biodiversity.

"The work has demanded an investment of nearly S / 12 million, which will provide training for the training of researchers, since Peru has a big shortage," he said.

Works before tax

On the other hand, the Minister for Production said that the participation of the private sector in the implementation and implementation of the new CITE would be promoted, under the mechanism of Works for taxes.

He recalled that there is a portfolio of eight feasible projects that can be carried out under the same modality, for around S / 150 million.

The statements he gave them in the context of his visit Mother of God where he, together with other ministers and the president of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, of the Executive Muni developed in that region.

There he presented the CITE Mining and Environment, which is part of ITP's ITC network, which will provide small-scale mining and artisanal mining in the region with chemical and metallurgical analysis services, as well as assistance in improving the mineral extraction processes with clean technologies. and more efficient than those who used it. In addition, it has a research, development and innovation center (R + D + i) on issues related to the closure of mines and the remediation of mining obligations.

In this context, the owners of Produce and MINEM signed an interinstitutional cooperation agreement for a period of three years, combining the efforts and capacities that lead to small-scale mining and craft mining activities that are competitive and comply with environmental and environmental standards. of mining safety

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