Miraflores: Peruvians provide shelter to Venezuelans arriving in Peru [VIDEO] | society

The political and economic crisis has forced thousands of Venezuelans to leave their country. Approximately 400 thousand Venezuelans have arrived in Peru.

In view of this situation, the refuge of Santa Cruz has been opened, where some Peruvians offer shelter to Venezuelans arriving in Peru. The founder Maoli Mao asked the compatriots to show solidarity with the Venezuelans who are going through a terrible moment.

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Maoli Mao says that the idea was born three times to see the situation of different Venezuelans and decided to open the shelter together with his sister. There are 16 Venezuelan refugees in the house in Miraflores and 25 people in Comas.

Last week, the number of Venezuelans in the Peruvian territory was 385 thousand people. In recent days, an estimated 20 thousand people have joined the CEBAF; so the number of Venezuelans could be more than 400 thousand.

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