Moquegua: installs the largest and most modern telescope in the country Peru Moquegua

The space agency of Peru will install Moquegua the telescope The largest and most modern in Peru, the Ritchey Chretien, with a diameter of one meter and a height of 4.175 meters, was bought by the German company APM Professional Telescopes for € 985,000, Defense Minister José Huerta said.

The optical instrument, which is part of the implementation of the National Astronomical Observatory, will be installed before the end of the year in the city of Cambrune, district Carumas, province of Mariscal Nieto, at 3,300 meters altitude.

"The Space Agency of Peru, which continues to evolve and continue to innovate, will now become one telescope which will be the largest in the country. Moquegua It has been decided to have the most optimal atmospheric conditions for astronomical observation, "said the minister.

the telescope It is located in the warehouses of the National University of Moquegua, in anticipation of the conditioning of the environments where it will be installed for the time being, while the project for the construction of the future National Astronomical Observatory on the Sasahuine hill, situated at an altitude of 4500 meters, has been completed.

With a lens with a diameter of one meter, the RC-1M is the telescope of the highest professional performance in Peru. The other telescopes of the Space Agency of Peru have lenses with a smaller diameter (11 cm, 15 cm and 35 cm). In addition, the National Engineering University has one telescope 50 cm, and the Geophysical Institute of Peru, 60 cm.

Huerta explained that one of the advantages of the future National Astronomical Observatory is that it will enable the development of a high level of astronomy and encourage research in different scientific fields. Moreover, it will be astrotourism Moquegua, activity that may be part of the tourist circuits of the country.

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