More room for family integration Diario de Noticias y Actualidad de Loreto – Iquitos – Ucayali – Requena – María del Marañon – Mariscal Ramon Castilla – Alto Amazonas – Loreto – Maynas

  • Mayoral de Maynas will supply recreational space in the Urb. Offering Bolognesi.
  • Project aims to promote a healthy life.

The provincial town of Maynas will continue today with the delivery of modern recreational spaces, as part of the expansion of the work and the improvement of recreation in parks, which took place in 6 different parts of the city with the aim of offering new alternatives for healthy entertainment . for children.
The project has already been carried out on the boulevards Talecpacá, La Norteñita and Urb. Virgen de Loreto and was also performed in the Zonal Park, Plaza San Antonio and Urb. Bolognesi, where the delivery will take place to the population. the fourth place where you will have these modern rooms designed for families.
With the implementation of this project, we want to improve public spaces for active recreation, improve, encourage the efficient development of physical and mental attitudes, create better integration with children, adolescents, young people and families, as well as strengthen social integration.

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