National pride! Peruvian youths study at the University of Russia, specialized in aerospace technology. Photo 1 of 1 | Peru

Because of his project on the application of aerospace technology in the solution of an urban development problem in Cusco, Víctor Romero traveled to Russia and made the first contacts enabling him to study a scholarship at the prestigious State Aerospace University of Samara. For three years, the graduate of the University of Science and Humanities (UCH) will follow a master in rocket and space sciences.

The project proposes the use of satellite images to locate areas where houses can be built and to avoid the risk of natural disasters around the future Chinchero International Airport. In 2017 the United Nations (UN) gave Romero the opportunity to present its research in Russia, with the support of the Image Processing Research Laboratory (INTI-Lab) of the UCH.

The State Aerospace University of Samara, which Romero has already visited, is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Russia in the research and training of professionals for industries such as missiles and space travel. Today, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation sees it as one of the most striking for its research program.

The specialization in aerospace technology abroad gives Peru the opportunity to lead the development of this branch in South America. Since the establishment of the National Commission for Research and Development in the field of Space (Conida) in 1974, our country has made significant progress, such as the launch of the first national satellite, PeruSat-1, in 2016.

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