New audio confirms that the highest judge of Áncash asked Walter Ríos for help

A new audio again commits the former president of the Superior Court of Justice of Callao, Walter Ríosand the suspended supreme judge César Hinostroza. A recording broadcast by America news he notes that both magistrates supported the former provincial court, Samuel Sánchez Melgarejo.

Sánchez Melgarejo has been investigated by the Office of Judicial Control (OCMA) by functional misconduct and is linked to the detained ex-governor of Ancash, César Álvarez. He served as President of the Santa Superior Court of Justice (Ancash).

Resigned after publication of audio

The latter took up Wednesday after the portal IDL Reporters will reveal audio in which coordinates between Sánchez Melgarejo and Gianfranco Paredes, consultant Walter Ríos.

The recordings show the efforts he has made Sánchez Melgarejo so that two of their closest friends manage to go to work in the Superior Court of Justice of Callao.

The people who benefited from these efforts were Gabriela Huillca Andrade, described by the judge as a "very distant" relative, and Miguel Ángel Espinoza, a citizen of the magistrate.

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