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A few days after a Taxi Taxi taxi driver sexually abused his passenger in San Miguel, another driver, this time from the application Uber , was accused of rape by a young woman who asked for his services groove.

The early hours of Sunday, María Claudia (23) was in the El Polo Avenue. She asked for an application taxi Uber to go his house located in the jirón Vulcano in the urbanization Sagitario, Surco.

Gianfranco Huaichao Ronto, driver who performed the service, reported that the route was closed at 1:44 am, the time he had left the young woman with him. However, she reported that with an average of 3:00 a.m. in the morning. he woke up in the vehicle in an unconscious state.

Although he could not defend himself, Huaichao sexually abused from her. Then he took her home and told her that he had not taken anything from his belongings.

The young woman, still in shock, presented the complaint in the San Borja police station. The troops managed to catch the one who was involved in this new case of rape.

The attorney Rosario Sasieta, defense of the victim, he pointed out Perú21 that the catch was possible thanks to the effort of the law enforcement since the taxi company Uber He refused to give them the domicile address of the suspect.

Once in the police unit, Gianfranco Huaichao He admitted that he was performing the service, but denied the offense.

He added that after completing the route at 1.44 am & # 39; s in the morning. I will continue to do the taxi service. This statement was refuted by the registers of Uber They indicate that the taxi driver did not have another race after that time.

He has been arrested and remains at the disposal of the authorities while the investigation is being carried out.

Through a declaration, the application regretted the events that occurred and condemned "any type of situation that endangers the safety of the users or the traveling partners".

They added that they cooperated with the authorities to facilitate the development of the investigations.

"The account of the driver partner is deactivated and that is us
at the disposal of the authorities to continue providing the information they need, "they explain in the letter.

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