ONPE: Check if you are a board member at these elections Voting location | 7 October society

Through a statement, the National office for election processes (ONPE) reported that through lottery it has designated 458,640 citizens to fulfill tasks as board members in the municipal and regional elections of the next October 7. Please note that this work is irrevocable and subject to a fine in case of non-compliance.

On the basis of the following information you can know whether you are part of the group of citizens that will have to be part of one of the 80 940 voting tables that will be installed in the country for these regional and municipal elections of 2018 in Peru.

Please note that it is the duty of the board members, both established and substitute parties, to collect their credentials in the decentralized offices of the ONPE and to be properly trained.

How do I know if I am a board member?

As is known, the ONPE carried out the draw on 26 July to define the board members for the Elections 2018. This group consists of a president, a secretary and a third member, as well as three replacements.

To know if you are selected as one of them, you can enter the following link (here). Do not forget to have yourself DNI at hand to verify your local and voting table, respectively.

Which functions should I perform as a board member?

If after the consultation one of the selected has been proven, it is important to know what the function is that you will have to perform if board member; Note that the functions that will be executed will change depending on the position being performed.

The chairman of the board is charged with leading the other members and directing the main actions during the election. While the secretary and the third member are the ones who support the installation of the table, the vote and the investigation. For more information, please visit the official website of the ONPE.

How much do I have to pay a fine for not voting at these elections?

the National office for election processes (ONPE) has asked all people who are members of the table to fulfill their civil obligations in the following 2018 Electionsbecause if they do not play this important role, they will have to pay a fine of S / 207.50.

Keep in mind that if a citizen does not fulfill his role as a member of the board and does not vote at the same time, he must pay two fines. The penalty for not voting during the 2018 elections is S / 83.

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