Pablo Sánchez says to Chavarry that "would agree to know apart" the case "White Collars of the Port"

The highest prosecutor Pablo Sánchez considered that after being syndicated in a report as a member of the organization "The white necks of the harbor", the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry, You have to stay away from knowing this thing. The consideration was established in the letter that Sanchez sent to the head of the Public Prosecution Service to present him with the report of the prosecutor, Sandra Castro, who is a member of the aforementioned criminal organization.

"I have the honor to contact you to send a copy of the report No. 01-05-2018-FECOR-CALLAO in which you and other supreme prosecutors appear to be involved in alleged crimes; When a clear excuse is presented, It would be good if you would refrain from knowing these factswhat I have provided in your knowledge for the corresponding purposes, "says Pablo Sánchez sent in his letter and dated August 29th.

According to the report of the Callao Prosecutor, Sandra Castro, effective collaborators involved the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry; and supreme prosecutors Víctor Raúl Rodríguez Monteza and Tomás Gálvez Villegas; among other magistrates of the Judiciary. After knowing the report of Castro, the prosecutor of the nation denied being a member & # 39; The white necks of the port & # 39;and said that he expected them to prove these claims, and said he would be irreconcilable with the investigations.

Applications for exemption

In spite of this, the disclosure caused several figures in politics and civil society to ask for the resignation of Chávarry as a fiscal of the nation. The president of the Civil Society Transparency, Allan Wagner, who chaired the government reform committee, considered in dialogue with RPP News that the departure of the owner of the Prosecution it is necessary to guarantee the autonomy of this institution so that it can be examined.

The ungrouped parliamentarian Gino Costa he said inside twitter that the magistrate "can not continue to lead the Prosecution", While the spokesperson of the ruling party, Gilbert VioletaHe said in the same way that "Mr. Chávarry It should save Congress the task of having to reject it and Fujimori would save him the painful task of protecting him. " Milagros Salazar, alternative spokesperson Popular ForceHe said his bank will wait for the evidence before issuing an opinion on the case, but said that if they are found guilty, they will not "protect" it.

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