Panamericana Norte: Car hit a tanker and left two wounded behind

The shock between a car and a cistern, at kilometer 42 of the Panamericana Norte, left two wounded, one of them seriously.

The truck hit the back of the tank, causing the rear tire to flew out, while the vehicle circled several times.

YOU CAN SEE A dead person leaves a traffic accident on the road to Evitamiento, where there is heavy chaos [VIDEO]

The incident caused the driver and the co-pilot of the car to be seriously injured. Both have already been transferred to the Puente Piedra hospital.

After the accident the cistern of the car got stuck in one of the tracks of the Panamericana Norte. The water that was in it had to be emptied to make it easier to remove.

According to the witnesses, several bottles of liquor, including a box of beer, could be found in the truck. The tank is already in the tank Stone Bridge

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