Pasco: car falls to the river and driver and passenger die

31 August 2018 20:15.

An unfortunate traffic accident was recorded during the early morning in the region Pasco. Two people have died and one is missing after the discharge of a vehicle that ended up in the waters of the Chaupihuaranga River.

The tragedy took place shortly after 5 am on the Yanahuanca – Chinche road, near the sector called Tambochaca, in the province of Daniel Alcides Carrión, Pasco.

The registration vehicle W1Q-662, which sailed from Yanahuanca to Chinche, became confused and rolled down a slope of about 50 meters high and ended up in the water of the Chaupihuaranga River.

Two of the five occupants managed to leave, but the driver and the co-pilot were killed, while another passenger was dragged along by the current.

The deceased were identified as: David Retis Villavicencio (33) (driver) and Rusbelt Loyola Chamorro (25).

While the wounded were transferred to the health center of Yanahuanca, where they were diagnosed with polytraumatism and remained under observation.

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