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The congressman Patricia Donayre (Peruvians for the Kambio) have spoken today about the latest research of Ipsos Peru that gives only 15% approval to the leader of the popular power, Keiko Fujimori, and at the beginning of the debate on political and legal reform in the constitutional committees and Justice of Congress.

About the low popularity of Fujimori, Patricia Donayre considered that "the deep crisis" in the country drags all political figures, including the leader of Fuerza Popular.

He noted that a specific identification was made by the people of Fujimori at Congress and "with certain audio where it is called, although he says that [ella] It is not, like & # 39; Mrs. K & # 39; ".

The legislator said that the low approval of Parliament, "led by Force No. 1", of which it is the leader, also affects Fujimori's popularity and that is why the population disapproves of it.

Patricia Donayre He pointed out that he does not see any orchestrated campaign against Keiko Fujimori, as the spokesmen of Fuerza Popular said after hearing the poll.

"They are the ones who make mistakes after a mistake, especially with a rather intolerant attitude since Congress," he said in relation to "the obstacles" that the political reform projects would have proposed by the President of the Republic of Martin Vizcarra on political reform and judicial.

The legislator rejected that Popular Force raised "populists" from the executive's initiatives because it said that being populist is based on the popular will to propose alternatives.

"I heard yesterday from the members of Fuerza Popular, including the president of the Constitution Commission (Rosa Bartra), who said that the projects of the president are an input and that they are discussed with the other projects that already exist on the subjects" .

According to him, this means that the debate will take a long time, which is why Fuerza Popular will continue the debate until 2019, although without success.

The case of Benicio Ríos
In another moment Patricia Donayre regretted that the privilege of parliamentary immunity prevented the police from arresting the legislator Benicio Ríos (APP), despite the fact that a judicial sentence of effective imprisonment imposes on him.

In this connection Donayre explained that although the rules of Congress were adapted to establish that for crimes committed before he was a congressman, you could not obtain immunity, and that is the case of Ríos, the Constitution is in this not changed.

"Therefore, interpretations are opened to say that there is immunity against arrest and trial, whereby the President of Congress asks the judiciary to waive immunity and he will have to do so," he said.

In that sense he reminded that he has submitted a bill to delete this privilege. "It is so important to completely eliminate parliamentary immunity, what it does is slow down processes as we see."

He stressed that it is complicated to approve this project because most legislators do not want to lose this mechanism, has chosen to collect 72,000 signatures to ask for a citizen's initiative in the same direction.

"This path makes it possible that if this initiative is radically rejected or changed by Congress, it can still be subject to a referendum," he said.

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