Pedro Chávarry: audios reveal attempts to get support from public prosecutors Peru politics

A series of audios shows the attempts of the Prosecutor of the Nation, Pedro Chávarry, to get support for his management of the 34 presidents of the Board of attorneys of the country Only 4 magistrates supported it.

According to Latina's "Punto Final" program, the meeting was held on 3 September and during the meeting Chávarry was accompanied by the highest prosecutors Víctor Rodríguez Monteza and Tomás Gálvez.

The Supreme Prosecutors were not present at the meeting Pablo Sánchez or Zoraida Avalos. The reason is unknown, although the absence of both would show the distribution in the Prosecution.

In the audios, Chávarry mentions the alleged loss of information relating to the case Lava Jato, later denied by internal control, and its inclusion as members of the criminal organization "Los collos blancos del puerto".


"These acts must be confirmed, and you must, as you know, confirm those cooperative acts, it is not a matter of throwing a rock in the air and saying:" It does not repair or not, "we must confirm and that's what it did not happen, they just took a version and they launched it in the air, "said Chávarry.

Later the highest prosecutor Tomás Gálvez He takes the floor and asks to evaluate what is really appropriate, despite the fact that Chávarry has a "strong and very strong opposition" to continue as a prosecutor of the nation.

Gálvez tried the possibility of a joint tax ruling in support of Chávarry. It also raises questions to the ex-prosecutor of the nation Pablo Sánchez, which he accuses of wanting to "harm" them.

For his part, the highest prosecutor Víctor Rodríguez Monteza He confirmed that the election of Chávarry as a prosecutor of the nation "must be respected and left to work, independent of other faculties".

Then several presidents of the tax districts of the country took the floor. After the meeting, only four of the 34 magistrates present signed a document to support the management of Pedro Chávarry.


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