Peruvian Coffee Day: Devida gives a thousand cups of coffee for this celebration Photo 1 of 4 | Peru

They try to increase the internal coffee consumption. With the motif of Peruvian coffee day , the National Commission for Development and life without drugs (DEVIDA) will give a thousand cups of this drink made with grains Valle de los Ríos Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro (VRAEM).

the & # 39; FestiCafé & # 39;, event that will be developed for this celebration, the Friday, August 24, from 11 am at 7 pm in Plaza Conquistadores de MegaPlaza. In this exhibition, consisting of four stations, it wants to contribute to the expansion of coffee culture among the Peruvian population.

In a station, two barista's of the Association of Barista & # 39; s of Peru – Arte Bar, who will demonstrate all their skills for the preparation of a good coffee. They will teach to prepare themselves espresso, cappuccino, mocaccino, lungo, art latte and ristretto in a simple way

Participants can learn about the coffee process that starts with the coffee plant (cherry) to become the dark and tasty drink. At the station & # 39; La Tiendecita Cafetalera & # 39; you can buy the best coffee in Peru.

An area is also used for reading lovers while enjoying their coffee. the Lima Municipality, through his program & Lima; & # 39; Lima Lee & # 39;, will prepare a library with the support of Devida.

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