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Piura: Congressmen request delays in reconstruction work society

After participation in the decentralized hearing, the Piura congressmen asked the delay of the reconstruction process in the region.

According to MP Marisol Espinoza Cruz, there are still no works that benefit the population, despite the fact that the executive director of the Reconstruction Authority with Changes, Edgar Quispe, reported that Piura received the sum between 2017 and 2018 1 773 million soles.

"It has been eight months for El Niño Costero and the region is still in the same situation as the overflow of the Piura River," he criticized.

The representative of the Authority for Reconstruction has announced that by 2019 the region will benefit from one important package with work; however, he avoided mentioning which items he belongs to.

On paper?

For the parliamentary Karla Schaefer, the money so far has been spent preparing technical files and no project has been specified. Criticized that due to El Niño Costero collapsed 40 settings educational activities in the region; however, no one has been reconstructed to date.

"They believe that placing the prefabricated classrooms is a solution, because even though most of these already have technical files, the implementation of no school has reached", he said.

He recalled that 18 health facilities have been destroyed so far; however, the Ministry of Health has not carried out any management to solve this problem.
The representative of the Reconstruction Authority, Edgar Quispe, took the opportunity to inform that in the coming months the bidding of the four strategic hospitals will be carried out and will begin with their implementation in 2019.

"At the moment, a number of administrative problems are being resolved and the bidding processes are starting, because in full security the next year will start with the execution of the desired projects", concludes Quispe.

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