Piura: head of police region separated by death of university student society

The national police issued a statement stating the separation of José Antonio Cortez Carrillo as head of the police region of the Piura region. This measure was adopted after the road crash that he played, together with two other troops, and that oHe died at the death of the university Jorge Luis Sarango Ramos and links serious injury to Cedrick Crisanto Huanca.

The general inspector of the PNP issued the provision that separated the head of the police region from his office, in accordance with the disciplinary rules of the national police. José Cortez I was a co-pilot in the police bus at the time of the accident.

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Apparently the colonel I would have committed several violations during the accident. The command of the police region will be taken over by the Colonel Reynaldo Sánchez Tapia, currently working at the Criminal Investigation Department of Sullana. To make this change effective, you have to manage some administrative procedures.

The family members of Sarango Ramos and Crisanto Huanca demand to the authorities the expulsion of the institution to all agents who participated in the accident because they had committed a series of irregularities. They also demand that the Public Prosecution Service investigate the matter with transparency.

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