Piura: JEE warns that 18 candidates will not be part of the electoral society

Less than two months before the municipal elections and regional elections in 2018, the regional secretary of the Special Electoral Jury (JEE) of Piura, Cristhian Cueva Pastor, said that 18 candidates the mayors and regidurias would fall outside the election battle because they had not sent any information in their CVs.

The official said they had previously reported reports of certain political parties and movements, so that they could present their disclaimers.

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"According to the orders of the National Jury of Elections (JNE), applicants must file their redundancies until 31 August, otherwise they will be excluded from the election," he said.


According to the representative of the JEE, the majority of the candidates avoided the dispatch in their CV court decisions. For example, he explained that among them is the candidate for lieutenant governor for the political organization Vamos Perú, Víctor Hugo Coveñas Peña.

According to file no. 2018029272 has declared the candidate for lieutenant governor in his cv not to have legal proceedings; however, the JEE discovered that the information was incorrect.

The candidate has a conditional sentence of one year and eight months and the payment of civil compensation of S / 400, for the omission of family assistance.

Edwin Martín Guevara Arévalo, another of the politicians lying on his cv, is the mayoral candidate for the district of Veintiséis de Octubre. The representative of the political organization Siempre Unidos has a criminal conviction for the offense of common illegal appropriation. The verdict was for two years in prison and the payment of a fee of 100.00 soles.

In the same position is the candidate for the district of Twenty-six October, Jorge Efraín Benavides Mayorga, who has a criminal conviction for the crime of trading in coins or false invoices.

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