Piura: Omnibus catches fire and passengers lose everything – Expreso

At times of panic, more than 30 passengers lived after the bus they were traveling caught fire when they left the Chulucanas lane, in the city Piura. The accident that happened today in the morning hours would have been caused by a technical malfunction.

Everything happened when the two-level bus of the company "R-Chac", with registration number A7J-958, was short-circuited, causing the unit to emit smoke, was immediately detected by the driver of the unit and evacuated the passengers.

Out of desperation, the passengers left the vehicle, tried to find their goods and luggage in the unit, but their efforts were in vain because minutes after the fire began to digest everything. In so many, the firefighters and the police arrived from Piura managed to control the loss, but everything was reduced to ashes.

PNP agents carry out the relevant investigations to determine the cause of the accident, as the mobile unit driver said that such things happened and said they were not alerted to a possible failure in the vehicle system.

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