Piura: young man was killed by a van where the head of the police region went

The Minister for the Interior, Mauro MedinaHe pointed out that the law enforcement complied with the protocols after a van PNP he played in an accident in which a young man died Piura. Security cameras & # 39; s show the moment of shock at range.

In communication with Channel N, Medina He pointed out that both the agent who controlled the truck and the police chief was Piura, José Antonio Cortez Carrillo, went through the ethyl dosage test. He added that the result was negative.

According to the minister, both members of the PNP they went through another dose of test in a private clinic with the presence of a prosecutor and everything was recorded "so that it does not lend itself to suspicion".

According to witnesses, both Cortez and the officer behind the wheel were drunk. However, the head of the macro region of Piura, César Augusto Cervantes Cárdenas, noted that the protocol was being followed.

Cervantes also reported that the victim is the son of a police superior who works at the San Martín police station. He repeated that he acted according to the protocols of the law. He also pointed out that Cortez participated in the elaboration of the plan for the mega-operation that took place today on 22 August.

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